The Orthodontic Foundation

Dear Alumni,

Because of your generosity to the TOF, our residents continue to benefit from abundant opportunities to learn, grow, and excel.  It is clear that you understand the importance of encouraging our residents and see the value in the character development that is at the core of an orthodontic education.  As a result of your generosity, residents in the classes of 2016 and 2017 have enjoyed the opportunity to learn and network at several meetings this year including GORP (St. Louis, MO), SWSO (San Antonio, TX), Dan West (Houston), TOSC, Alexander Discipline Course, AAO (Orlando, FL), and finally this AP Westfall meeting.

Through your donations, the TOF has also provided funding for research projects this year (including the purchase of a 3D printer for the department), facilitated the excellent interview process and events for the Class of 2018, thesis bindery for the Class of 2016,   Thanksgiving and Christmas lunches celebrated in the department, and will make possible the graduation ceremony for the the Class of 2016 on August 13th.

Please know that you are making a significant difference in the lives of our residents and your support enables us to provide the next generation of alumni the kind of excellence that is synonymous with UT-Houston Ortho!  Thank you again for your generous support!


The Orthodontic Foundation & The Entire UT Houston Orthodontic Department